Europcar is one of the leading global car rental companies
Within Europcar, we can offer exciting opportunities in a broad variety of fields and levels, both in our Greece headquarters in Athens, as well as locations across Greece. 

Company culture

  • We have a strong company culture based on employee satisfaction.
  • We attach great importance to our employee working conditions whatever the job and place of work.

Reservation and Rental process

  • We offer our customers a range of reliable, rapid services.
  • We guarantee that Europcar personnel is customer satisfaction oriented and in line with service and customer attention standards.
  • We ensure that our customers are received by courteous and competent personnel in a Europcar identified environment.


  • We offer our customers a constant renewal of our fleet and therefore assure the best in vehicle quality and safety.


  • We have established an annual training program to maintain and to improve the level of skills of our employees.